December 18, 2021 - 8 AM – 12 PM
Firearms Safety Course 

E&S Security is providing the Wisconsin Department of Justice Firearms Safety Course for Wisconsin
Residents. This four hour course meets the requirements to obtain your Wisconsin Concealed Carry
License. Classroom topics that are covered are:
- Firearms Safety Rules
- Handgun Fundamentals
- The safe handling, transportation and storage of firearms and ammunition
- The legal implications of Concealed Carry
- Personal Safety
- The use of deadly force under Wisconsin State Law
- Techniques for avoiding and controlling violent confrontations
The course will be taught by a Certified Firearms Instructor for the Wisconsin DOJ and the Wisconsin Training and Standards Bureau, with over twenty-nine years of Law Enforcement Experience,
The Wisconsin Concealed Carry License allows you to carry in 33 states. However, a Wisconsin CCW licensee should always contact the particular state where they wish to carry concealed for information on the most current laws of that state.
SPECIAL PRICE: $75.00 (Half-day class)

To register please email or call 920-979-3090.
Do not bring any firearms or ammunition to the class. All training materials will be provided.

Firearm Safety Course in Appleton
730 W. Glendale Ave. Appleton Wi  54915
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